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This page features the relationships of Esashi Kiseki from Precious♥Hearts Pretty Cure!.


Before episode 24, Sylvia, being one of his generals, is very loyal to Kuromine. However, Kuromine seems to treat Sylvia as someone weak and, although being her caretaker, doesn't care about Sylvia at all.

After the events of episode 24, Kiseki now despises Kuromine.

Momozora Akari

Akari seems to care about Sylvia, but also despises her. When Sylvia is disguised as Kiseki, Akari starts to teach her that the world is actually very kind.

When Akari discovers Kiseki's other self, this leads to them in fighting each other and, after Kiseki's first transformation into Cure Sympathy, the two become great friends.

Asano Yuzu

Hikarizono Sayaka

Kohinata Otoha


  • Parents - Kiseki's parents, although they haven't been named in the show, were caring and extremely kind to their daughter. Kiseki also showed great care to her parents, this is clearly shown in episode 24 after falling into despair and transforming into Cure Sympathy.
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