Erik Rothschild
Erik Rothschild
Erik Rothschild
Personal Information
Birthday Date1/1
Hair ColorOrange
Eye ColorGold
Cure Royal
Alter EgoCure Royal
Hair ColorPlatinum blonde
Eye ColorGold
Theme ColorGold
Anime Information
SeiyuuYoshimasa Hosoya

Erik Rothschild, better known as Cure Royal is a main character of Radiant★PreCure. He’s the prince of a far off country.


Erik is a kind young man. He was sheltered during his childhood, and thus has no clue about certain things. His mission is to find a "Queen" for his country, much to Momose‘s dismay.



Erik puts the Hope Jewel Imperial Topaz on his Radiant Commun. His eyes change color and his pupils go from regulab to diamond shaped. He shouts "Radiant Convcersion!" The camera moves around Erik. His gloves and pants form. Erik winks which creates a golden diamond shape that grows and replicates. The diamonds go under Erik’s feet and rapidly move up, forming his boots. Erik poses and is then trapped inside a giant crysta. The crystal glows brightly before breaking, revealing Royal fully transformed. A bright light forms Royal’s crown. Royal announces himself as "With the beauty of a glittering diamond, Cure Royal!".


  • Crystal Sword: Royal stomps his foot which causes a crystalline sword to pop out of the ground. Royal grabs the sword and poses with it as if about to strike. He shouts "PreCure, Crystal Sword!". Afterwards, numerous crystal copies of Royal appear and they all strike in unison, destroying the enemy as the copies break. Royal poses and says "Adieu".


  • Erik is easily confused.
  • He’s the tallest of the main Cures.
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