Eri and Chihaya Fuki
福木 エリ and 福木 千早
Fuki Eri and  Fuki Chihaya
Personal Information
Hair ColorDirty blonde
Eye Colorlight blue
RelativesAlana Fuki (sister)
Anime Information
SeasonFriendly Pretty Cure

Eri and Chihaya Fuki (福木 エリFuki Eri and 福木 千早 Fuki Chihaya) called Ellie and Carly in the dub Glitter Force Friends, are the younger sisters of Alana Fuki.



Like Alana, both girls have dirty blonde hair, though their's is shorter, only going down to their shoulders. They both wear small braids on the side of their hair, but while Eri wears a green accessory, Chihaya wears a blue one. They both have light blue eyes like their sister.


Both girls get along with each other well; On occasion they will still fight with each other, but they always make up in the end. They both like singing, but aren't as talented as Alana; This sometimes makes them jealous of her.

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