Personal Information
Age16-17 (When in human form)
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorBlue
Home PlaceKingdom of Light
Alter EgoYukishiro Era (Human form)
Anime Information
Season5 Lights Pretty Cure!

Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure!

First Appearance5LPC!01

 Era is first mascot one of mascots in 5 Lights Pretty Cure! and Let's Go! 5 Lights Pretty Cure! His name in human form is Yukishiro Era. 


Era is always ready to help others if they ask them for help. In his human form he transferd to High School of Hikari Academy together with Ann and is very popular with girls and when they tell him how they fell for him he always try to answer without hurting their feelings. 


Coming soon...


Ann - Era and Ann were friends for a long time in Kingdom of Light. They sometimes argue because of their very diffrent personalities but also care for each other very much.

Tsukino Yumeko - Era met Yumeko one day when she was going to school. When she became Pretty Cure he find out that he really like to spend time with her and he care for her very much.


  • Era is one of mascots that can transform in human form.
  • He is a bit similiar to Coco:
    • Their relationship and way they met lead cure (Nozomi and Yumeko) are similiar.
    • Relationship beetween Era and Ann is a bit similiar to relationship Between Coco and Nuts.
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