Kowai! Kyua Rōzu Gāden no Purikyua!
SHINE 5 Hearts Pretty Cure! episode 01
"I'm scared! The Cure of Cure Rose Garden!"
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Opening SHINE! Pretty Cure 5 Hearts
Ending Courage!!
Directed by Yousei A. Sina
Written by Yousei A. Sina

I'm scared! The Cure of Cure Rose Garden! (怖い!キュアローズガーデンのプリキュア! Kowai! Kyua Rōzu Gāden no Purikyua!?) is the first episode of SHINE 5 Hearts Pretty Cure!


Momo comes together with her parents to earth. Due to her shyness, she keeps hiding in front of other people until she was surprised by a strange man, who turns out to be from Hatred and was searching for her, in order to find the legendary Heart Key. Even though being terribly scared by him, Momo somehow transformed into Cure Starlight! But instead of using her powers, she kept running until she found the strenght in herself to fight back and defeat the man's monster.


Main Characters

  • Momo / Cure Starlight


Supporting Characters

Major Events

  • It revealed that there will be new Pretty Cures.
  • Momo comes for the first time to earth and becomes Cure Starlight.
  • Cure Starlight uses Starlight Rising for the first time.


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