So Many Idols!
Season {{{season}}}, Episode 02
Uta show

uta show

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Episode 03 - A Charm Prince

So Many Idols! is the second epiosde of Sing! Precure!. It is the debut episode.


Kaede, Rikka, and Aya now is as pure idol from cure entertainment. They also meet a many idol and rival, they meet Uta and Todo Miyumi a top idol. And then together with Kaede, Rikka, Miyumi, Tsubasa san and Aya they watching Uta show. A middle time Dark Sister appear. And They ( Kaede, Rikka, Miyumi, and Uta )singing toghether to defeat Dark Sister.

Character Appearances


  • the first episode that Todo Miyumi Debut
  • The first Katagiri Uta do show
  • The first scene Kaede,Rikka,and Aya singing togheter with Uta to defeat Dark Ssters.
  • In this episode that known, uta have a pure idol power