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Enmy (Kisekae)
Personal Information
Hair ColorPlatinum
Eye ColorElectric Green
Home PlaceHavoc Dystopia
Anime Information
SeasonTropica Shine Pretty Cure!
First AppearanceTSPC01
SeiyuuKaito Ishikawa
Voice ActorMicheal Sinterniklaas

Enmy is an antagonist from Tropica Shine Pretty Cure!. He is a member of the Four Horsemen; a group that works for Gehenna, and he represents war. He is the first villain to confront the cures in battle.



Physical Features

Enmy is a thin boy of average stature, and appears to be around the cures' ages. He has roughly shoulder length platinum hair that covers his right eye. A section of his hair on the right side of his face is braided. His eyebrows are much darker than his hair, and appear to be rather thick. His electric green eyes are pointed, and have slitted pupils much like a reptile. Enmy's skin is a very gray tinged dark brown, and he has black horns that curl around the sides of his head. He wears black nail polish.

Fashion Style

Enmy wears a black and red military uniform shirt, that only has a left sleeve and cuts off just above his waist. His right arm has multiple sections that are wrapped in dark ivory colored bandages, and he wears two black belts around his wrist. He also wears a black, metal collar that has a broken chain on the front, and wears a black and white hat designed like a skull with a red rim. He wears black and red shorts held by a silver studded belt and silver chains, and wears a white fishnet stocking on his left leg, and dark ivory bandages on his right leg. His boots are black and have red soles, as well as black belts matching the ones on his right wrist.

Name Etymology

Enmy (エンミ) - Derived from/is a corruption of the english term "enmity" which means "the state of being hostile towards someone or something", reflecting both his status as the horseman of war, and his spiteful personality.







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