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This page explains Ending Themes and gives a list of fanmade ending themes on this wiki.

What is an ending theme?

Just like there are Opening Themes, there are ending themes for just as many shows. It is basically the same thing, but it is either an instrumental version of the opening theme or a different song/melody played while the credits are rolling.

All the Ending Songs in this Wiki (No order)

This is a list of some endings in this wiki, these aren't all, but this are some. Some of them are also from other animes. Some of them aren't created yet, but some of them are. If yours isn't added here, feel free to do that.

Season Ending Song Time Written by Anime Appearance
Happy Days Pretty Cure! Bye Bye Happy Days! ? KARA -
Rainbow Power Pretty Cure Rashiku' Ikimasho
? Sailor Moon SuperS
Super Hero All Stars: Bonus Stories ♯Kaizoku Rainbow♯ ? Starmix03 -
Let's Mirage! Pretty Cure The Brand New Me
Step to a New Future
? ? -
GoTHiC Pretty Cure! Date A Live
Resuscitated Hope
? Sweet ARMS
Date A Live
Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure! Friendship From The Heart ? ? -
Rainbow! Pretty Cure Colorful Soul
Kibou no Sagari Doroppusu
? ? -
Fight Together! Pretty Cure Starry, Lovely Night
Cheer! ~All Together Now!~
Cure Coco -
Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure Kiseki no Niji
Colourful Heart
? ? -
Sailor Suit Pretty Cure Don't Take Off My Sailor Uniform
Sailor Suited Sensation
? Cure Wonder -
Princess Power Pretty Cure! Princesses of Passion
Fight to the Finish! Princess Power Forever
DaisyandMangaForever -
Nya! Pretty Cure Power of Pretty Cure
Reach the Sky
? FairySina -
Sparkle! Diamond PreCure Sparkling Happiness
Hoshi no Kongouseki
? CureJade2910 -
Colorful Hearts Pretty Cure! Kokoro no Kongouseki
Lovely Prism
Heart Effect!
? LeenaCandy -
Majestic Pretty Cure! Prism Light


AisuShironami -
Prism Pretty Cure! Shōrai ni Mukete
What is your wish?
Infinity Mirai -
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! L-O-V-E Start!!! 1:30 Infinity Mirai -
Vocaloid Pretty Cure♪ Fantasia Carnival 1:30 Infinity Mirai -
Soar Pretty Cure! Like a bird... CureHibiki Soar Pretty Cure!
Pretty Cure Monster Mania Delusion Disco! MonoTheMonochrome -
Solar Light! Pretty Cure

Solar Melody

Always Connected

Zeti Precure


Guilty Eyes Fever

Shadow gate to love




Saint Snow

Deadly Six

Guilty Kiss

Love Live Sunshine

Earth Defense Pretty Cure! LOVE! First☆Distant☆Star 1:30 Infinity Mirai -
Happy Precure Sweet Cake 1:29 Candy -
Royal Rainbow Pretty Cure Colorful Days 1:30 Candy -
Arcana Pretty Cure! Power to Fight

Fly! Jump! Score!

? AisuShironami
Floretta Pretty Cure! Floral Emotion (1-23)
Wild Child (24-33; 35-59)
Song of Hope ~The Green Light Blooming~ (34)
With Our Hearts! ~The Song of Stardust~ (60)
?? Chinatsu Kiseki
Precious♥Hearts Pretty Cure! ~INFINITE~ ?? Chinatsu Kiseki
Starlight Pretty Cure!

Lucky Miracle Paradise

Let's Zodiac Dance

1:30 Antoniothe3rd
Trump Card Pretty Cure Future Heart 1:40 User: LucyBalletPrincess none
GoTHiC Pretty Cure! Date A Live
Resuscitated Hope
? Sweet ARMS
Date A Live
Fairy! Love! Pretty Cure! Friendship From The Heart ? ? -
The many adventures of Kokujin Hime-Chan! Gokurakujoudo
? ?
Spectrum Heart Pretty Cure! ↑At Your Service↑ (1 to 29)
Crystalline♦Hope (30 to 50)
 ?? Luizaki -
Pretty Cure Mash♥Up Merry♥Merry♥Future
Love∞All Around
 ?? Luizaki -
Genesis☆Pretty Cure! ~Connected Through the Skies~
 ?? Luizaki -
Peaceful Pretty Cure♪ Peaceful♡Artful • Love♡Love
Do♪Re♪Mi♪ Fantasy!
 ?? Luizaki -
Friendship Partners Pretty Cure

Glimmer☆Stars of Harmony (Episode 1 - Episode 22)

Dream! Believe! The Future Will Come True! (Episode 23 - Episode 51)

1:31 Glorysia Melody My Little Pony: Tomodachi wa Mahou
Pokémon Stars Pretty Cure!

DreamDream (Epsiode 1 - Episode 22)

Type: Wild (Episode 23 - Epsiode 50)

1:31 Glorysia Melody Pokémon anime series
Smash Up! Pretty Cure ??? ?? Glorysia Melody ???
Magical Change Pretty Cure! ??? ??? Glorysia Melody ???
Snow halation pretty cure! Snow halation 1:30


Aki Hata Love Live! School Idol Project
Stardust Pretty Cure! Borderline Battle (Episode 1-Episode 25)

One Step (Episode 26-Episode 49)

??? Karyll Aguilar Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Cocotama Pretty Cure! Kokon Poipoi Cocotama! (Episode 1- Episode 22)

Kokoro Daisuki Cocotama! (Episode 23- 52)

??? Karyll Aguilar Kamisama Minarai: Himitsu no Cocotama
5D's Pretty Cure! Close to you (1-22)

Future Colors (23-50)

??? Karyll Aguilar Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
XYZ Pretty Cure! Peace Smile (1-24)

X Strait Y Scenery (25-48)

Karyll Aguilar Pokemon
Hybrid Arrow Pretty Cure! Notebook of the Heart (Episode 1- Episode 22)

First Draw a Circle (Episode 23- Episode 49)

??? Karyll Aguilar Pokemon

Kirby Right Back at ya

VRAINS Pretty Cure! Believe in Magic (Episode 1-Episode 21)

Writing Life (Episode 22-Episode 36)

??? Karyll Aguilar Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Jewel Warriors Pretty Cure! ??? ??? Karyll Aguilar
Super Dragon Pretty Cure! ??? ??? Karyll Aguilar
Happy Town Adventure Pretty Cure! ARC of Smile! (Episode 1-Episode 22)

Smile in Pretty Cure Town (Episode 23-Episode 46)

??? Karyll Aguilar Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V

Kira Kira Happy ★ Hirake! Cocotama

Rockman Startup Pretty Cure Lighting of Your Shining (episode 1-25)

Party Crazy Happy (epsiode 25-49)

??? Karyll Aguilar Rockman
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