Enaji Kinri
Katakanaエナジー 金利
RomajiEnaji Kinri
Fan SeasonPretty Cure RPM
Eye ColorOrange (Kinri)
Gold (Cure Push)
Goldenrod (Overdrive Push)
Hair ColorBlonde (Kinri)
Gold (Cure Push)
with goldenrod Ombre (Overdrive Push)
Home PlaceHimitsu Town
RelativesEnaji Ginri (twin sister)
Enaji Minri (twin brother)
Enaji Sinri (twin brother)
Enaji Ayuri (mother)
Enaji Esumi (father)
First AppearancePCRPM01
Voice Actor (s)Aizawa Rina
Pretty Cure
Alter EgoCure Push
Overdrive Push
WeaponCure Arsenals
Theme ColorGold
Black & White (subs)
Enaji Kinri (エナジー 金利 Enaji Kinri?) is one of the cures in Pretty Cure RPMHer cure ego is Cure Push (キュアプシュ Kyua Pushu?). Along with her sister, Enaji Ginri, there are called RPM Wings. Nicknamed the "Philosopher," she is the cool and aloof leader of the RPM Wings.


Kinri's appearance was resembled to RPM's civilian form but it had form were gold She had orange eyes and blonde hair, sane as Haruka's.

As Cure Push, her form was resembled to RPM Gold but it had her form were gold with orange accents. Her hair was gold, tied in a orange hair accessories with white and peach accents, gold eyes, and she had white earrings with gold accents.


She is amazing in combat. Her fighting styles are boxing and kickboxing. She possesses an ESPer ability that allows her to sense when danger is near. She is part of the RPM Wings, a precure team composed of the Enaji siblings, chosen by the Wing Clan Engines and brought to the Machine World to become a elite fighting force before the Cure Operators team came to be. However, it is due to their training that she and her sister, Enaji Ginri, see the Cures as being too inexperienced to protect the Earth from Venjix. With her sister, they live in a Mediterranean-style villa on the beach. Her hobbies include reading Western philosophy in English, boxing and drinking cappuccinos at cafe's. She's also popular with the boys.

Her seemingly cold exterior belies her fiery passion; she tells the Ancient Engines that, like them and like the Cures and her sister, she will put her life on the line to protect those that she cares about. Because of this, and a separate incident which saw her care for a Cure Cells from Stormy World, the Go-Ongers tab her as their "grandmother." Kinri, however, is not amused in the least by the reference, unlike Aosora Nami, who enjoys being the Cures' "mother." During the Christmas incident, Kinri, with encouragement from Hikaru Rina, manages to overcome her deeply-seated fear of ghosts.


Cure Push

"Break the Limit! Cure Push!"
Bureiku Genkai! Kyua Pushu!

Cure Push (キュアプシュ Kyua Pushu?) is Kinri's cure ego. She represented by the falcon.


  • Pushing Dagger
  • Pushing Lighter
  • Pushing Pop
  • Pushing Thunder
  • Pushing Crash
  • Pushing Friction
  • Pushing Hyper
  • Pushing Flask






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