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Elemental! Pretty Cure (エレメンタル! プリキュア Erementaru! Purikyua) is a fanmade Pretty Cure series by BrinaFlautist. It is themed around science, mainly chemistry and physics.



Claire Baldwin is a freshman at Edison High School. Her relatively normal life changes when she encounters a talking lightbulb named Amp.





The series includes a multitude of Cures, all themed after elements of the periodic table.

Main Cures (Elemental Pretty Cure)

The main Cures of the series are themed after the reactive nonmetals and noble gases. They represent the very foundation of the universe. Their mascot is Amp.

Claire Baldwin (クレア・ボールドウィン Kurea bōrudou~in)

The leader of the group, Claire is a stubborn and confident high school freshman. Her alter ego is Cure Neon (キュアネオン Kyuaneon). Her main attack is Neon Beam.

Arabelle Hayes (アラベル・ヘイズ Araberu heizu)

Claire's best friend since elementary school. Although she always means well, she can be rather blunt and straightforward, which often leads to tension between her and her peers. Her alter ego is Cure Hydrogen (キュア水素 Kyua suiso). She has the ability to control and manipulate water regardless of physical form (meaning she can control mist and ice as well as liquid water.) Her main attack is Hydrogen Blast.

Olivia Cook (オリビアクック Oribiakukku)

Olivia is a timid girl who wants to be a nurse. She's very kindhearted, but has low self-confidence. Her alter ego is Cure Oxygen (キュア酸素 Kyua sanso). As Cure Oxygen, she has the ability to control and manipulate flames. Her main attack is Oxygen Burst.

Veronica York (ベロニカ・ヨーク Beronika yōku)

Veronica is the lead editor of the school newspaper. She takes her job very seriously and has an unwavering passion for writing and journalism. She usually comes across and cold and strict, especially when she's doing her newspaper work, and often lets her desire for perfection get ahead of her. However, she is a very sympathetic person, even though it rarely shows. Her alter ego is Cure Carbon (キュアカーボン Kyuakābon). Her main attack is Carbon Quake.

Marie Calhoun (マリー・カルフーン Marī karufūn)

A 12th grader and the eldest of the Cures. Despite this, she tends to be very childish. Her alter ego is Cure Helium (キュアヘリウム Kyuaheriumu).

Other Cures

Pigment Pretty Cure (ピグメントプリキュア Pigumentopurikyua) Three of Quantum Kingdom's other Cures. They represent the beauty of the universe. Its members include Susan Monet, Cheryl Vermeer, and Louisa Degas, who are students at the Renaissance Academy of Art. Susan is Cure Chrome (キュアクローム Kyuakurōmu), Cheryl is Cure Titanium (キュアチタン Kyuachitan), and Louisa is Cure Cadmium (キュアカドミウム Kyuakadomiumu). Their mascot is Colbalt.

Precious Metal Pretty Cure -


The mascots of Elemental! Pretty Cure are themed around science-related objects. They have the ability to make their faces invisible or visible at will as means of disguising themselves.

Amp (アンプ Anpu)

Amp is a fairy from the Quantum Kingdom, sent to Earth to find the Elemental Pretty Cure. He resembles a light bulb. He ends his sentences with "~anpu.

Ferro (フェロ Fero)

Ferro is a fairy from the Quantum Kingdom, sent to assist Amp and to find other Cures. She resembles a horseshoe magnet. She ends her sentences with "~fe."


Cobalt is a fairy from the Quantum Kingdom and the mascot of Pigment Pretty Cure. She resembles a blue gemstone.



Quasar is the main antagonist of the series.

Experiments ( 実験 Jikken)

Experiments are the main monsters of the series. They are manifestations of one's negative thoughts or intents.

Quantum Kingdom


Cure Calculator (キュアカリキュレーター Kyuakarikyurētā)

The item used by the main Cures to transform. When a Cure Molecule is inserted, it allows the girls to transform or use a special attack.

Cure Molecule 硬化分子 Kōka bunshi) - Used by all Cures in the series.


  • The members of Elemental Pretty Cure are all named after gases.
    • Hydrogen, helium, oxygen, carbon and neon are the five most abundant elements in the universe.
    • Cure Neon and Cure Helium are the only Cures whose respective elements are in the same group (Neon and helium are noble gases).
    • The members of Elemental Pretty Cure are loosely based on the ancient elements. Cure Neon is aether (light), Cure Hydrogen is water, Cure Oxygen is fire, Cure Carbon is earth, and Cure Helium is air.
    • Veronica's passion for writing is a reference to one of carbon's forms, graphite, which is used in pencils. Her desire for perfection is a reference to another of carbon's forms, diamond.
    • Claire's stubbornness is a reference to neon being an unreactive gas (since it has a full set of electrons and doesn't need to react with other elements to get more).
      • Cure Neon's catchphrase is a reference to neon being a noble gas, as well as its name, which derives from the Greek word for "new."
    • Cure Hydrogen's ability to manipulate water is a reference to hydrogen being part of water's chemical composition.
    • Cure Oxygen's ability to control fire is a reference to oxygen's role in combustion.
  • The members of Pigment Pretty Cure are named after elements typically used in paint pigments (chromium, titanium and cadmium). They each represent the color their respective element is used to make - chrome green, titanium white and cadmium orange.
    • Their surnames are references to famous artists - Edgar Degas (Louisa), Claude Monet (Susan), and Johannes Vermeer (Cheryl).
    • Cheryl is the only Cure whose hair color differs between her normal appearance and appearance as a Cure (for the other Cures, their hair color becomes brighter/more vivid). She has brown hair in her normal appearance and white hair as Cure Titanium.
  • Amp's name derives from "ampere," the basic unit used to measure electric currents.
  • Ferro's name derives from the Latin word for iron, "ferrum."
  • Oria/Audrey represents the element of Gold. The name "Oria" means "golden," and Audrey is a nod to gold's symbol, Au.
  • Edison High School is named after American inventor Thomas Edison.



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