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Personal Information
Hair ColorTeal (as Eleman), Dark Blue (as Dirk)
Eye ColorTeal (as Eleman), Black (as Dirk)
Home PlaceThe Unknown Lands
RelativesPhoenix Dad (father), Emma's dad (younger brother)
Anime Information
SeasonPretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy
First AppearancePCNF01 (as Eleman) PCNF02 (as Dirk)
SeiyuuNakai Yuigo
Voice ActorZap Stryder

Eleman (エレマン Ereman) is a minor character and the protector of the land of Pretty Cure Nightmare Fantasy.


Born in the 1800's, Dirk is really cool. He loves bugs and ants and worms and he eats dirt when he should be eating the bugs and ants and worms. You see, Dirk and his people are human phoenix hybrids, and they have the stomachs and wings of phoenixes.

Once, as his phoenix-self called Eleman, Dirk finds our Earth and he loves it very much and he wants to keep it, so he does. Dirk's dad finds out and he sends his 30-year-old brother to find him, but he fails, so he has a kid with Gretchen Monday.


  • The name "Zap Stryder" is an alias for the actual actor of Eleman. He didn't want to reveal himself, as he was just a friend of the actor of Jade Yukimura, so he chose this name instead of his real name.
  • Eleman is loosely based off of Pink Diamond and Midoriya Izuku.
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