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Electric Golden Ribbon
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Electric Golden Ribbon (エレクトリック・ゴールデン・リボン Erekutorikku Gōruden Ribon?) is Cure Saffron's main attack from Sky Pretty Cure ~Rainbow Star~.


First, Cure Saffron appears in front of a black background. Then she rises her head and starts drawing a curl with her right hand. Then she shouts: "Pretty Cure!" and the curl got sparkly and Saffron then grabs it. In the same moment, the curl turned into a large ribbon. Then Saffron shouts: "Elecrtic Golden Ribbon!" and aims it for the enemy. The ribbon catches the enemy and trapps it a the same place. Saffron then turns away and the monster gets defeated by the electric shocks the ribbon gave it.



Cure Saffron: プリキュア!エレクトリック・ゴールデン・リボン!


Cure Saffron: Purikyua! Erekutorikku Gōruden Ribon!


Cure Saffron: Pretty Cure! Electric Golden Ribbon!


  • This is the first attack using the word "ribbon".


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