Serurian Burū Serende
Earth Defense Pretty Cure! episode 02
"A Cerulean Blue Serende"
Air date January 13, 2015
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Opening Fallin' LOVE! Earth Defense Pretty Cure!
Ending L-O-V-E Start!!!
Directed by Infinity Mirai
Written by Infinity Mirai

A Cerulean Blue Serende (セルリアンブルーSerende Serurian Burū Serende?) is the second episode of Earth Defense Pretty Cure!.


Kyoko starts brewing tea but is told off by Chieko as it was too early and that one must follow a certain schedule. The latter states it doesn't make a differences in her opinion but complies to the president after a short lecture. Another voice breaks into the conversation. Nami affirms president Chieko's strictness and takes a seat with them on the couches.

The meeting begins when Thunder transforms into her human form suddenly. A video projection starts behind her, reviewing the battle from the day before and their strange new enemy, Cure Scarlet. Kyoko asks why Cure Scarlet's face is slightly blurred and voice deeper. According to Chieko, the video wasn't altered at all. The president asks Thunder if the Cure could oppose as a treat to their plan. Thunder responds grimly that it's a possibility because the 'highly advanced scientific technology' the supposed enemy is using is something that only a few know of, and could interfere tremendously depending on who it is, like the infamous scholar and inventor Ai. Unamused, Nami refuses to think of Cure Scarlet as a equal and can possibly compete with them, having no style what so ever. They decide to consider countermeasures if she appears again as they continue on their conquest.


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