"I thought you became a Precure?! Oof"

-Quote from Sailormoonxprecurefan

Bootiful pic
E. R. Yumiko

TitleA Director/Editor for AniEsque
Birthday DateDec. 18th
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceTexas

E. R. Yumiko is the pen name of User:Sailormoonxprecurefan and is a writer/director for a company named AniEsque. She is a new director here in this wiki, but she has had some experience on Roblox creating Precure series with her and her friends. She is best known for being a director/editor of Artsy *Precure with F. M. Neko and her new series Lovely♥️Hearts Precure. She hopes to share more Precure series on this wiki.


Hopefully Upcoming Series:

  • Pastel Precure
  • Maybe something about the Coronavirus?!


  • E. stands for the first initial of her first name, which is Elisemarie (though online besties can call me Elise)
  • R. stands for the first initial of her last name, which is yet to be revealed (Privacy Reasons!)
  • Yumiko- The Yumi part of it means "archery bow", referring to herself since she's a Sagittarius while the ko part of it means "child". So the whole Yumiko part of her name means "archery bow child"

About Yumiko

  • She is a Sagittarius
  • Pretty smart at School
  • Likes Sailor Moon too
  • Is a Lesbian


  • Anime
  • Sweets (especially cupcakes)
  • Manga
  • Cats AND Dogs (They're both cute!)
  • Pastel Colors (Fav is Pink)
  • Playing Roblox 24/7 (Fav Game is Royale High)
  • And last but not least, GIRLS! :D


  • Mean people who send people to detention for no reason
  • People with no common sense
  • Puberty
  • Veggies (aka Vegatables)
  • Anyone who hates Precure and Sailor Moon (oof)
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