The Dusky Death Pretty Cure (ダスティ死プリキュア Dasuti-shi Purikyua?) are the evil counterpart of the Prism Power Cures which it was created by Black Demon against the Prism Power Cures. It was first appeared from an unknowned episode.

Pretty Cures

The pretty cures have own bad personalities and there have a dark powers to defense the PuriPawa unit (Prism Power Cures). They can add more Kurokongos to becoming dangerous during fights. Their attacks are becoming darker and their weapon is Prism Wand; but there are colors of dark-colored shade and black. 

Their pretty cure form consists were same from the counterpart. But the differences are have dark-colored accents with their form are shades of black and gray shades. Some details have spider-web styled, furry, and ragged accents. Their emblem changes into the Shadow Empire emblem with the deadly diamond on it. Their heart accent changed into black circle and the lining are dark-colored. Their hairstyle and eyes were lifeless and becomes a darker shade with a black Ombre at above. Every Cure has replaced the name of Dusk in the last name (e.x. Bliss Dusk, Fantasy Dusk, etc.).



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