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This page consists of episodes for Dreaming Smile Pretty Cure⭐

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 Afureru egao! Hontō no shiawase! Kyuajoi!
"Overflowing smiles! True Happiness! Cure Joy!"
Joker 07-02-2019
When Egaomiru Megami discovers that her mother has gone missing, she becomes determined to find her mother and somehow meets Jelly, the princess of Märchenland who fled after Joker attacked the Kingdom. Joker then appears, cornering the two. Megami then decides to stop Joker, causing her to transform into Cure Joy!
02 Haretashi nukumori! Kyuasanbīmu no honō!
"Sunny Warmth! Cure Sunbeam's flame!"
Oscuro 07-02-2019

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