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Dreaming Destiny Pretty Cure ♥
Dorīmingudesutinīpurikyua ♥
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongKibou no Ashita! Dreaming Destiny Pretty Cure ♥!
Series Info

Dreaming Destiny Pretty Cure ♥ (ドリーミングデスティニープリキュア♥?) is a fanseries created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are dreams, destiny, miracles and hope.


Meet Miraikaze Ashita, a socially awkward but intelligent girl. One day, she meets Fae, a fairy from Unmei. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a man who calls himself Ash attacks and summons a Dedtime, a monster created from one's despair and hopelessness. Ashita, determined to save that person, stands up to Ash and the Dedtime and becomes the Dream of Destiny and Miracles, Cure Fate!


Pretty Cure

Miraikaze Ashita (未来風明日?)
Ashita is the lead cure and main protagonist. She is a socially awkward yet intelligent girl who has not too many friends as well as being born wit a weak body structure. Her alter ego is Cure Fate, the Dream of Destiny and Miracles whose theme colour is purple.

Yumeno Kyla (夢野カイラ?)
Nicknamed "Ky", Kyla is a social butterfly yet clumsy. Despite this, Kyla actually loves reading manga and wants to become a mangaka. Her alter ego is Cure Euphonia, the Dream of Melodies and Light whose theme colour is pink.

Lana Kamaka (ラナ・カマカ?)
The student council president and soccer team captain, Lana originally comes from Hawaii. She can be quite stubborn but is also a good friend. Her alter ego is Cure Life, the Dream of Creation and Serenity whose theme colour is green.

Aoyama Kiseki (青山奇跡?)
The captain of the swim team, Kiseki is a calm and sensitive young lady who is very popular. Her alter ego is Cure Tide, the Dream of purity and future whose theme colour is blue.


Fae (フェイ Fei?)
The main mascot of the season.







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