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This page consists of episodes for Dreaming♥Emotion Pretty Cure

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 The One Who Commands the Wind! Cure Lilia!
When Spring Pearson, a girl from England, moves to Japan due to a letter from her penpal; Spring can't seem to fit in when she transfers to her new school. However, she then meets Ruru, a passionate bookworm who has released the evil Akuno from his seal. Suddenly, Warui attacks the two by summoning a monster! What will Spring and Ruru do?!
02 The Ocean’s Calling! Cure Silanus!
When You becomes supicious of Spring's recent activities. She also then notices the appearances of Cure Lilia are the same times that Spring keeps on disappearing. But suddenly, Warui attacks and when Ruru tells Spring, You secretly follows her and witnesses Spring transform into Lilia and fight the monster. Then, just before Lilia is almost defeated, You steps in! Will You be able to protect her friend?
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