Personal Information
Eye Colordark blue
Home PlaceRomance Land, Pretty Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonLove♥Pretty Cure
SeiyuuChihiro Suzuki

Dovi (ドヴィ) is the Wedding Cures' fairy mascot. He came to Earth when he learned that the Wedding Cures were ready to be awakened. He is quite the Casanova, but is constantly getting rejected by his crush and fellow mascot Lulu. He ends his sentences with "-ovi!".


Dovi appears to be a small, white dove. He has a bright yellow beak with matching bright yellow talons and beady dark blue eyes. He has a large, pale pink heart on each of his cheeks.


He is quite the romancer, always trying to make his crush, Lulu, fall for him, much to the former's dismay. To his disappointment however, these attempts never work. He and Aika get along reasonably well, with them both having the goal of finding the perfect romance as their number one priority in life. He is shown to be wise when it comes to the Wedding Pretty Cure, remembering small bits and pieces about Madeline and the Fantasy Rings.


Love♥Pretty Cure

We first see Dovi when he appears from the white light with two Fantasy Rings Gold. He asks the two girls to transform into Pretty Cure, and they, panicked from all of the sudden events, figure it's their only option. After they win the fight, Aika agrees to be his caretaker as a thanks for giving them a way to stop the sudden monster attack.


His fellow fairy and crush, he is always trying to impress her with typical romantic gifts: chocolate, roses, jewelry ect. However, his advances are always turned down because Lulu is too focused on things that are more important to her such as collecting all of the Fantasy Rings and Madeline's safety to be in a romantic relationship with anyone.

Dovi lives with Aika and is under her care, and they get along reasonably well due to their similar feelings when it comes love, although he does find her scary when ever something doesn't go perfectly well, while he is rather persistent with out getting visibly upset.

Dovi can see why Makoto became Cure Promise, but he is slightly jealous of her due to Lulu allowing her to guard the princess when he's not even successful with talking to Lulu.


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