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Wrecking havoc is so much fun!
—Doris in "Club Crisis"

Doris profile
Biographical Information
Season Prism Pretty Cure!
Home Place Shadow Domain
Age 16
Status Alive
Physical and Vital Statistics
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Height 156 cm
Blood Type B
Eye Color Red (hypnotized)
Hair Color Blond
Jewel Heart Mica
Professional Status
Affiliation Shadow Domain
Personal Status
Favorite Food Tofu
Other Info
Power Puppetry
Weapon Bunny
Anime "Prologue" (episode 0)
Voice Actors

Doris (pronounced Do-rese) is one of the main antagonists in Prism Pretty Cure!. She exists as a member of the Beast race with genetics of a bunny. She acts as an associate for the Shadow Domain and took part in the rebellion against the Aurorean Dynasty. Her main weapon is her stuffed bunny, which can be controlled by her.



Doris appears as a young girl, primarily dressed in black, red and some grey. She has long, frayed blond hair with her straight cut bangs and curly ends. She is almost always seen wearing her trademark black bunny hood. She has mesmerizing crimson red eyes, which are a result of hypnotism. She wears a short black dress with yellow ruffles underneath the skirt and red collar above the chest. Completing the look with uneven length red-grey socks and black dress shoes. She also always carries around a red case and stuffed bunny.


Doris is an arrogant demi-human who has an obsession with stuffed animals. She acts rather high and mighty but is sadistic in nature and will happily trample over the weak without blinking an eye. Doris' motto is "Only the strong deserve to reach the top," and follows it to an eerie extant.


  • Etymology
    • Doris - Meteor



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