Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorGreen
Home PlaceLand of Sad
Anime Information
First AppearanceC!PC02

 Diffuro is one of villains from Change! Pretty Cure! At the end he became Golden Senshi along with Marione and Andrea and helped Cures defeat Super .


Diffuro is often seen reading books and often tries to find clever ways of defeating Pretty Cure, not just attacking them randomly.



Marione - 

Mimimoro Setsuko -

Andrea -

Misaki Yurika - In final battle Yurika and Diffuro fight each other but the battle is interrupted when Super activates Black Hole that would destroy everything in the place Cures were fighting Land of Sad members. When Yurika tries to escape Diffuro grabs her to stop her from escaping. Yurika tells him that is stupid of him since he'll end up being destroyed too and if they both get out he still has chance of defeating her and surviving. Something about her speach reminded Diffuro of his past and he let her go but ended up falling in black hole. Later on he returns as part of Golden Senshi and helps Yurika and other Cures. In final episode it's hinted that they started dating some time after the battle.


  • Diffuro is slightly similiar to Saular.
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