Personal Information
Home PlaceWelton Kingdom
Anime Information
SeasonNight Pursuit Pretty Cure
First AppearanceNPPC01

Diarmaid (ディアルマイド Diarumaido) is part of the Welton Kingdom and a villain from Night Pursuit Pretty Cure.


Diarmaid is calm and calculated, rarely speaking if it is not required of him. He is known to be very proper and polite and many describe him as well-mannered, as is required of him as King Deimos's right hand. Diarmaid often berates the king or make adjustments to his plans to stop the Pretty Cure, but rather stays in the background.

The topic of Safe and his escape seem to be a sensitive issue for him, one of the few times he actually becomes enraged is upon mention of Safe.


Diarmaid is mostly seen wearing his uniform, identifying him as part of King Deimos's court. Other than that, her has short styled (TBA) hair and (TBA) eyes.



Diarmaid is able to create Nokachi if he wishes to, but he rarely uses this ability.

Otherwise, he is an experienced fighter, proficient at using both swords and lances. He owns two swords and two lances, each with special abilities. His swords are named Móralltach and Beagalltach, the Great Fury and Little Fury respectively and the spears are called Gáe Buidhe and Gáe Dearg.


Diarmaid (ディアルマイド) - is a figure from Irish mythology. Perhaps means "without envy" in Irish. This was the name of a warrior who became the lover of Gráinne. It was also the name of several ancient Irish kings.


King Deimos - Diarmaid is his right hand and second-in-command.

Morrigan - His subordinate, their personalities contrast a lot from each other. Morrigan is a bit too loud for his taste, but he tolerates her despite it. He feels like he's forgetting something about her.

Cailte - His subordinate. Sometimes, Cailte tries to challenge him to fight, but Diarmaid always declines.

Lady Fortune - Lady Fortune is one of his subordinates. He seems to have a soft spot for her even if it's not immediately noticeable.



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