Dia is one of the mascots in Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. She is Umeki's fairy partner and the first mascot to appear. She is a bunny and one of the many mascots assigned by the Jewel Queen to assist the Pretty Cure in fighting Dark Mine.


Being selected

Months before Umeki became a Pretty Cure, Dia lived in a small cottage in the Jewel Villages. Then one day, the princess's messenger came with an invitiation to get one of the most respected jobs in the Jewel Villages: to be a mascot. Dia accepted this invitation, then studied in the Mascot Academy. Dia graduated with flying colours then went up to the Inter-World Telescope each day to see which girl would stand her ground in the face of Dark Mine's power. Girl after girl was spotted, but each time those girls were off the canadite list for either a too dull heart jewel, no will to protect those she loves or too obsessed with the wrong things. 

Choosing Umeki

Dia was up in by the telescope when she found Umeki trying to get Lord Sadness to let the people to wake up. Excited by what she saw, Dia ran to the Cure Storehouse where all the Pretty Cure items were stored for future cures. When the princess recieved news of Umeki's will to protect from over the speaker, the guard by the storehouse gave Dia a sparkler, then told Dia to go to the princess's office for instructions. When Dia reached the office, she was told to pack her bags, send down the Cure Sparkler then go to Earth herself if Umeki successfully transforms. Dia flew down to Earth to aid Umeki on being a Precure, and so begins the series.

When the series ends, Dia continues to live happily on Earth with Umeki.


Dia has no special abilities except for her rather weak power beam that she can use to distract or stun, or plain sting someone when they're being annoying. Her main protection/attack is her ear slap which is exactly what it sounds like.


Taira Umeki- Dia is most bonded with Umeki as she is her mascot partner.


Dia is short for Diamond, a reference to her being Cure Diamond's mascot partner.

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