Personal Information
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorYellow
Theme Colorblack, yellow
Power(s)summoning Parasites
Anime Information
SeasonMajestic Pretty Cure!

Devon (デボン Debon) is a character from Majestic Pretty Cure! series. He's a villain who used to be a human.


He got long brown hair and yellow eyes. He also got pale skin. He wear a black long sleeved top with yellow borders that shows his stomach. He wears black jogger pants with brown belt and short black and yellow boots along with a short black cape. He often seen carrying a black rose.

In his real human form, he got the same hair. His skin become light and his eyes changed into dark maroon.


He always seemed as an immature person who always want everything goes by his will. He could also become quite flirty and love to tease girls. But deep inside, he's very lonely and loveless. He always dreamed of love from someone precious. He used to have it from his sister until she got adopted and seprated from him.


Jealousy of His Sister

Both very close at first and they live with their grandma. One day, a rich pair adopted his sister only. His grandma told them to only adopt his little sister because she's much smarter and have more potential than him. His sister live in a much more beautiful place and have nothing to worry about while he must work hard to live with his grandma. Like Yukai, Diabolos came to his dream and told him to go to a certain place. He followed and Diabolos took his spirit. Later, his sister's adopted parents found his body and treat him at the same hospital as Yukai.

Meeting Yukai and Other Comrades

He and Yukai are the first Diabolos's ally. Both told each other's story when met and become pretty close after that. Then, they promise to always stay connected and to revenge their relatives. He's pretty close with Eclipse and often share stories to each other. He also love to prank Rei. Unlike Yukai, he never visit his body. But after Eclipse and Luna allied with the cures, he started to secretly visit his body and pretty surprise to find it at a fancy hospital with his sister and her adopted parents. One night, he heard his sister talking to his body while crying. He started to realize his true feelings.

Final Battle

In the final battle, he fought individually with Cure Garden. He was full of revenge that time. But when he talk about his sister by accident, Cure Garden told him that any dream can come true. Perhaps his sister got lucky this time, but that doesn't mean he's not lucky. Besides, his sister still loves him. He lost that fight with relaxed heart and feel happy to able to come back home.



  • His real name is Akumano Dave


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