Dessert Grand Sevrice A La Mode
PerformerKiraKira☆Pretty Cures
WeaponCandy Rod, Twin Ribbon
Dessert Grand Service A La Mode (デザートグランドサービスアラモード Dezāto gurando sābisu a ra mōdo?) is a fan made group attack created by FairySina, which the Pretty Cures of KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode, in combination with Pikario's powers, in order to defeat Noir.




KiraKira☆Girls: キラキラキラル☆
Pikario: ピカピカル!
Cure Whip: デザートグランド
Cure Parfait: サービス
Everyone: アラモード!


KiraKira☆Girls: Kirakirakiraru ☆
Pikario: Pikapikaru!
Cure Whip: Dezāto gurando
Cure Parfait: Sābisu
Everyone: A ra mōdo!


KiraKira☆Girls: Kirakirakiraru ☆
Pikario: Pikapikaru!
Cure Whip: Dessert Grand
Cure Parfait: Service
Everyone: A La Mode!


  • Dessert Grand Sevrice A La Mode is the second attack to use the phrase "A La Mode", preceded by Wonderful A la Mode.
  • Before the Cures could perform Dessert Grand Sevrice A La Mode, Pikario transformed into a Pretty Cure as well. However, during the whole battle, he was never called by a "Cure" name. Instead, he had been called "Pikario" all the time.
  • Since Dessert Grand Sevrice A La Mode was created in August 2017, it may not fit the items or power ups of the coming Kira Kira episodes.


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