Desolate Castle (荒涼とした城 Kōryō Shiro) is an evil kingdom that serves at the main antagonists hideout in Fairytale Pretty Cure!. Its ruled by Kuroizado. The dark wizard's main goal is took take over his hometown, Fanciful Kingdom, that once betrayed him and gain enough power to take over other worlds and make everyone fall into despair and misfortune with his dark magic.

In Episode 20, it is revealed by Kuiru that Desolate Castle was once his home, Fanciful Kingdom, before Kuroizado took over and corrupted it with dark magic.

About the Kingdom

Desolate Castle was created from pure dark magic. It is a place of only darkness without any touch of light. A place wrapped in mystery where hope, love, and dreams die and evil and nightmares are born.


After his banishment, Kuroizado managed to unleash the Dark Being that was imprisoned along time ago by the Pretty Cure; the being, grateful for his release, created Desolate Castle and the Dark Charm Knights from his dark magic. Kuroizado and his new minions, that could create monsters known as Endingu, would puts their plans into action and attack Fanciful Kingdom and began their invasion into other worlds.






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