Personal Information
Age13(looks like)
Birthday DateOctober 30
Hair ColorGray
Eye ColorPurple
Home PlaceDiscord Kingdom
Theme ColorBlack
Anime Information
First AppearanceHyPC01

Deimos (デイモス?) is one of the main villians of Hyper Pretty Cure!. He is a hybrid of a harpy and a human. His Pretty Cure best friend is Mizuno Minako.


Deimos like most young teens is careful about his appearance and looks. He loves to see people argue when he is in happy mood,but is sometimes irritated and has a habit of telling them to argue somewhere else.


First Victim

Deimos went to earth just to play soccer because he was bored. He then saw officeworkers fighting each other and turned them into a Sensobot. They are then finished off by Cure Venus' attack and he says to her that he will return with a ball.



Deimos is known to be the optimistic one of the group. He seems to be close to Moros as both interact more often than anyone. He also acts as the older brother until Mars came. He considers Mars as his greatest rival.

Mizuno Minako

Minako is his best friend from his "enemies". They are close in terms of intetest as both love playing sports especially soccer. He seems to can't lie to Minako and is always easily caught by her.


Like all of the students of Discord Kingdom,he can summon a Sensobot.


When he gets bored,he would always play soccer in a soccer field. He sometimes play matches with Minako.


Deimos: Deimos,in ancient Greece, was the personification of terror. It is also one of the large moons of Mars along with Phobos.


  • Like the other students,he has a best friend from his "enemies",which is Mizuno Minako.
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