Dawn is a wolf-like mascot from Rainbow Heart Pretty Cure. She is the queen's guardian and the older sister of Dusk.


Dawn is a white wolf. Her fur is pure white, with rainbow-colored lines on it. Her tail has some black lines that look like ink.


Dawn is kind and more mature than Dusk. It is known in episode 2 that she likes to sleepwalk. She likes to eat, just like her sister.


Dawn is from the Colour Lands. She is the protector of the queen. When the queen is captured by Greya, she escaped to earth to find the cures.


Creating a Cure Paint

Dawn can create a Cure Paint by using the gratitude of a saved Colour Heart. With more gratitude she can create more powerful Paint.


Dawn can create a shield of colours. This is very rarely used.


Dawn's appearance is slightly based of off Chibiterasu from the game Okamiden

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