Dakrness Ultima
Daakunesu Urutima
Personal Information
AgeMillions of years
GenderMale (presumably)
Anime Information
SeasonSolar Light! Pretty Cure Series

 Darkness Ultima is the main villain of Solar Light! Pretty Cure Series. While he himself doesn't appear in every season all of villains in series are connected to him and main villains of series are his fragments. 


In his true form Darkness Ultima isn't human, he is creature that is made of darkness and shadows. 




Fight with Cure Lumière

Fight with Cure Light

Pretty Cure: Fire & Ice

Darkness Ultima himself doesn't appear in this season, however his fragment Nothing does.

Solar Light! Pretty Cure

Main villain of this season is Darkness Ultima's fragment Yamitiara. While he himself doesn't appear he is mentioned in final battle by Yamitiara who tells cures that they haven't won yet and that Darkness Ultima will be woken soon. 

Solar Light! Pretty Cure - Another Story

Licht Aurora! Pretty Cure

Darkness Ultima doesn't appear in this season, however his fragment does.

Pretty Cure of Light All Stars: Time Adventure

Darkness Ultima is main villain of the movie. As he is mad that he failed to turn world into darkness so many times he uses his powers to go to Time Center and tries to destroy it which would end up destroying past, present and future of whole universe. 


Fragments of Darkness Ultima

Darkness Ultima is creature made of darkness and shadows that has been sealed away many times. Sometimes its fragments (also known as its seeds) escaped the seal and tried to set Darkness Ultima free. 

Known fragments of Darkness Ultima are:



  • Darkness Ultima is first main villain to appear in more than one season.
    • He is also first main villain that is also main villain in movie. 
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