Dancing Feather Pretty Cure!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Opening SongDancing Feather Pretty Cure!~SHAKE!
Ending SongLet's Dance~LOVELY MOVES! (Ep. 01/Ep. 20)

Ganbalace de Dance~Dancing! (Ep. 20/ Ep. 40)

Series Info




Dancing Feather Pretty Cure! (ダンス・フェザー・プリキュア!Dansufezāpurikyua!) Is a Magical Girl Anime with a main theme of Dance, Friendship and with a main motif after the pokemon, Oricorio.  


The focuses around the adventures of 13 year old, Koishiie Akemi who recenly moved to the small town of Ōkuodorimachi, where she immediately begins attending the local yet elite middle school, Ōkuodorimachi 1st Middle School.

And within the space at the exact same time, four small faires: Flare, Phys, Wispy and Pom ahd escaped their homeworld, the Dance Kingdom as an evil organization known as the Nectar Snatchers. And the very day, Akemi is attacked by the 1st Nectar Snatcher member, Pula and at the same time encountered and connected with the fairy of the red Dance Nectar Drop, Flare. She soon discovers that she is by destiny to become the legendary warrior of fire and flamenco dancing, Cure Baile.


Pretty Cure

  • Koshiie Akemi / Cure Baile

Akemi is a smart yet charismatic and bubbly girl who enjoys sketching, but not as much as her real love:DANCING! Akemi enjoys takoyaki, yakitori and kakigori, but hates having to share even though she is quiet generous. 

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