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Personal Information
Birthday DateMarch 1
Home PlaceCalamity Sphere
Miracle Guardian Pretty Cure
Anime Information
SeasonMiracle Guardian Pretty Cure
First AppearanceMGPC01

Dai (DAI) is the youngest of Fiasco Class about 15 years old. He collects important information about the cures and he uses this against them to defeat them. He of course, shares this information with the rest of the members in Fiasco Class.He seems to favour Nagisa more than the other cures.


Dai has a cool and calm personality. He is also seen as a heart-throb at times especially once when he didn't take his human form and went into the human world. Girls were immediately heart-strucked. He is kind especially toward the cures when collecting information so that he would gain their trust. Though it's unknown if this is solely because to gain their trust or if he has a really kind nature.


Nothing much is known about the history of Fiasco Class. What is known though is that they were brainwashed by Empress Havoc and they were most likely people of other worlds beforehand. It is also revealed that Dai is a new member to the Fiasco Class and so he hadn't met any of the previous cures as well.


Tsunami and Gale: His fellow members in Fiasco Class. They work together really well and they are also close to each other. They tease each other often.

Nagisa: It hinted that the two might have a crush on each other though it's not officially confirmed. Though they are a lot of hints throughout the show that could possibly mean they like each other. For instance, they could recognize each other both in their respective forms (as a cure or villain) while they barely could distinguish the others from their forms. Dai also tends to collect information from Nagisa.


Dai: When pronounced, Dai sounds like Die which could imply dead or withering.


  • Dai is one of the younger guy villains, just like Ira and Kiriya.
  • Dai is more on the defense side instead of the offense.

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