A Cure Sparkler (Kyua Supaakulaa キュア スパークラー) is the transformation device for the girls in Miracle Jewel Pretty Cure. Although it's mainly used as a transformation device, the Cure Sparkler has more uses such as stratigic uses like duplicating an attack during battle, or everyday uses like changing outfits. However, a Jewel Piece must be inserted or all you get is a trail of pretty sparkles in the cure's theme colour.


Cure Sparklers have the shape of a miracle light, but have the cure's theme jewel on top and are in the cure's theme colour(e.g. red for Cure Ruby). There is also a heart shaped hole in the middle of the sparkler. That's where the Jewel Piece goes.


The Cure Sparkler is powered by Jewel Pieces for special actions, or without one just to create a sparkle in the air.

It can be used to duplicate, speed up, or slightly strengthen an attack, or create a weak shield. It could be used to restore a small amount of strength or do a signature attack.

The Cure Sparkler can also be used in everyday life, too. For example,you want a granola bar or a quick tray of sushi and water or juice. Place the correct decor in, swing the sparkles side to side then slash it down as if attacking.Poof! There's your food/ outfit/drink/book or whatever. It won't hurt anyone because the sparkles fade before a person can touch them and get hurt. No embaressment or humiliation will be caused either because only people standing quite close to the user will see the sparkles.


  • The Cure Sparkler seems to be a mix of a Smile Pact and a Miracle Light.