CureKanade's All Stars Movies is a page where CureKanade puts down all her All Stars movies that she will be creating on this wiki. Like all canon All Stars movies, the newest group of Cures from CureKanade's fanseries will join the airing All Stars movie.

All Stars Movies

Pretty Cure All Stars Special Stage: Nagisa no Kiseki

Having a holiday on the beach is fun right? But not for the Special Stage Cures. Because when they just set their feet on the sand of Kirameki Beach, an Akanbe appears out of nowhere and attacks the girls. Unable to defeat the Akanbe, they are rescued by the Max Heart and Smile Cures who defeat the Akanbe. Along the way, obstacle courses appear and the past Cures start popping up to help the Special Stage Cures. But the Special Stage Cures want to prove to the past Cures that they are strong. But the only way to do that is to protect the Shell of Miracles before it goes black and all villains from past Cure's world arise back from the dead.

Pretty Cure All Stars Special Stage 2: Hibiki no Kiseki

Pretty Cure All Stars Special Stage 3: Yume no Kiseki

Short All Stars Movies

Pretty Cure All Stars Connection: Sing for You 3D


  • For CureKanade's first two All Stars movies, the movie's titles have the names of two canon Cures: Misumi Nagisa and Houjou Hibiki.
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