This is the page where User:CureHibiki keeps a list of her fan series that she works on when there is no info to be placed on her series that she is aiming to 100% complete.

Mix! Pretty Cure Spark!

Mix! Pretty Cure Spark! (ミックス!プリキュアスパーク! Mikkusu! Purikyua Supāku!?) is the first season of the franchise. The series follows three girls named Kouno Kotone, Satou Miyako and Hirasaka Akari who fight alongside Cure Supernova to stop Infinite from ending the universe with the Galactic Stone. The main themes for this season are space and gemstones.

  • Kouno Kokone (河野ここね?)/ Cure Pulse (キュアパルス Kyua Parusu?): The leader of the team who uses the power of Pulsars.
  • Satou Miyako (佐藤みやこ?)/ Cure Nebula (キュアネビュラ Kyua Nebyura?): The brainiac of the team who uses the power of Nebulae.
  • Hirasaka Akari (平坂あかり?)/ Cure Aurora (キュアオーロラ Kyua Ōrora?): The talented member of the team who uses the power of Aurorae.
  • Cure Supernova (キュアスーペノーバー Kyua Sūpenōbā?): A mysterious Cure who fights alongside the younger Pretty Cure.

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Petit Royale Pretty Cure

Petit Royale Pretty Cure (プティロイヤルプリキュア Puti Roiyaru Purikyua?) is the second season is the franchise. The main theme is trump cards (queen, king etc.).

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