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Crystal Lumina Pretty Cure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongTBA
Ending SongTBA
Series Info

Crystal Lumina Pretty Cure! (クリスタルルミナプリキュア!?) is a Pretty Cure series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series themes are crystals, light and colours while the sub themes are emotions and overcoming fears.


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Pretty Cure

Kayomine Sakura (花陽峰さくら?) / Cure Rose (キュアローズ?) - The lead cure of the series, Sakura is a shy yet passionate artist who, despite her great talents at art, hates being the center of attention. She is also easily moved to tears and tends to lie a ton - especially and mainly about her emotions. Despite this, she sometimes has a strong sense of confidence and will stand up to bullies if she feels confident enough. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Rose, the Pearl of Confidence who controls the power of flowers. Her theme colour is pink.

Mitsuhara Yuuri (光原ゆうり?) / Cure Dawn (キュアドーン?) - Sakura’s highly energetic and loyal best friend, Yuuri is a bright, colourful and athletic girl. Being the captain of the soccer team and also the baseball team, Yuuri is known as one of the most athletic students school. Despite this, she is highly unintelligent in terms of studies and never gets very high grades. She has a strong sense of justice however. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Dawn, the Pearl of Loyalty who controls the power of sunlight. Her theme colour is orange.

Mikaze Arisa (美風ありさ?) / Cure Gale (キュアゲイル?) - Cold and blunt, Arisa is the antisocial classmate of Sakura. Being cold and blunt, Arisa is very aloof and doesn’t show much empathy most of the time and tends to never show emotion. Despite this, she is easily embarrassed - especially when Sakura is around her since she has a small crush on Sakura. She is also secretly warm and caring. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Gale, the Pearl of Honesty who controls the power of wind. Her theme colour is green.

Amagiri Seiko (天霧せいこ?) / Cure Moongaze (キュアムーンケイズ?) - The mother like figure of the team, Seiko is a gentle and loving girl who loves stargazing. Though she may always be calm and stress free, the truth is she is easily stressed and tends to worry about a lot of things. Despite this, she can be very strict as the student council secretary and is a highly respecting girl. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Moongaze, the Pearl of Love who controls the power of moonlight. Her theme colour is purple.

Mizuhashi Kaoru (水橋かおる?) / Cure Drizzle (キュアドリズル?) - A girl often mistaken to be a boy, Kaoru is a rebellious boyish girl who is highly popular among girls in her year. Despite her manly nature, she is sometimes clueless and naive. Due to her childhood and strict upbringing as a "boy", Kaoru dresses in much more boyish clothes than the typical tomboy. She is also talented in playing the guitar. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Drizzle, the Pearl of Truth who controls the power of water. Her theme colour is blue.


Felite (フェライト?) / Momose Takane (桃瀬たかね?) - The main mascot of the series, Felite is a cat like fairy from the world of Jewelumin.

Princess Roxanne (ロクサーヌ王女?) / Terushima Roxy (輝島ロキシー?) - The princess of Jewelumin.

Queen Opalla (オパラ女王?) - The queen of Jewelumin.


Carnelium (カーネリウム?) - The main antagonist of the series.

Julis (ユリス?) - The first antagonist to attack the Cures and the one to trigger the first transformation of Cure Rose and Cure Dawn.

Sylvi (シルヴィ?) - The second antagonist to attack the Cures and the one to trigger the first transformation of Cure Gale.

Drake (ドレイク?) - The third antagonist to attack the Cures and the one to trigger the first tranfromation of Cure Moongaze and Cure Drizzle.

Kanamusei (カナムセイ?) - The main monsters of the series.




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