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Crystal Fire
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Crystal Fire
PerformerCure Crimson
WeaponRouge Crystal
Crystal Fire (クリスタルファイア Kurisutaru Faia?) is Cure Crimson's upgrade attack from Sky Pretty Cure. To use this attack, she needs her Rouge Crystal.


First, Cure Crimson summons her Heaven Crystal. "Full power of dark red colors! Blessed with powers of heaven!" Then she raises her arms towards the enemy's direction, holding her right hand with her left. Both hands are closed. Then she opens them, draws a big circle and calls: "Pretty Cure! Crystal Fire!" Then her crystal starts glowing and burning. Then she once again stretches her arms towards the enemy and pushes the fire towards the enemy which gets defeated.



Cure Crimson: 暗赤色の色のフルパワー!
Cure Crimson: 天の力に恵まれた!
Cure Crimson: プリキュアクリスタルファイアー!


Cure Crimson: Ansekishoku no iro no furupawā!
Cure Crimson: Ten no chikara ni megumareta!
Cure Crimson: Purikyua Kurisutaru Faiā!


Cure Crimson: Full power of dark red colors!
Cure Crimson: Blessed with powers of heaven!
Cure Crimson: Pretty Cure, Crystal Fire!



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