Crescent Twilight (三日月薄明 Mikadzuki Hakumei): Is Tasogare Tsukiyomi's main and signature attack, first used in Episode 28.


Her main and signature attack, but only after she used Cold-Blooded Style. Tasogare Tsukiyomi puts her Yata Mirror on her back, she unfolded her arms to form herself as a christian cross, focused on the energy of the Mugen Furyoku with both hands, to create a cross-like rosary and an amulet paper. Then she sends the cross-like rosary from her right hand to locked her target into a seal of darkness, she sends the amulet paper to freeze her captive target. She take her Yata Mirror as a mirror-like spear from her back, she hold her Yata Mirror and stuck it vertically on the ground, then she focused and gathered the energy flow of the Mugen Furyoku around of it, the blade of the spear begin to shine. She launched the cutting edge in the shape of a crescent moon to slicer her captive target in two and purify it.



Tasogare Tsukiyomi: Mikadzuki Motarasu Yumenotameni, Fujunbutsu o Tōketsu!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: Hissatsu, Purikyua!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: Mikadzuki Hakumei!


Tasogare Tsukiyomi: 三日月もたらす夢のために, 不純物を凍結!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: 必殺, プリキュア!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: 三日月薄明!


Tasogare Tsukiyomi: For the Crescent Moon Bringing me Dreams, Freeze the Impurity!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: Overkill, Precure!

Tasogare Tsukiyomi: Crescent Twilight!

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