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Crescendo Harmonia Pretty Cure♪
Kuresshendo hāmonīpurikyua ♪
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Opening SongLET'S PLAY! Crescendo Harmonia Pretty Cure♪
Ending SongAdagio Rondo
Series Info

Crescendo Harmonia Pretty Cure♪ (クレッシェンド・ハーモニアプリキュア♪ Kuresshendo hāmoniapurikyua ♪?) is a new Pretty Cure series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. Like Magic Prism!, Fairy Dreams!, Sunny Flare Mahou Tsukai! and Prism Hearts!, Crescendo Harmonia♪ does not tie into Kiseki’s “canon” series. The series motif is music while the sub motif is hope.


“Um, hello. I am Hareyakana Yume, a 13-year old student in her second year of middle school. Anyway, one day, after I got home from school; I found a small creature lying on my bed who called herself Aika. Scared being the shy person I am, hesitated and tried to tell my parents about the “fairy” however Aika transformed into a human and grabbed me by the hand telling me to keep her a secret. But before I could speak, a mysterious woman who called herself Silence attacked Aika and caused her to transform into her mascot form! Aika then gave me a Harmonia Locket and I transformed into Cure Symphonia using the phrase “Pretty Cure Crescendo Charge!”!”


Pretty Cure

Orchestra Empire






  • This series is very similar to Chinatsu Kiseki's Bishoujo Idol Kotone as both series focus on music



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