Personal Information
Hair ColorBlack
Eye ColorBlack
Theme ColorRed
Anime Information
First AppearanceL☆PC!01
Voice ActorHouchuu Ootsuka

Coveton (コヴェトン) is a secondary villain of Lucky☆Pretty Cure!. He is one of the competitors in the Greed Empire's Rite of Succession, and the first of them encountered by the Cures. He was drawn to the competition by the promise of immense power should he win, and desires to become a mighty warrior and conqueror like the first Greed Emperor.


Coveton has black hair that curls into itself, forming a swirling pompadour. He also has a slightly thin face with a pointed nose and pencil-thin mustache. He has a slim build, with long skinny arms and legs. He wears a metal breastplate and sallet over a red and green outfit, along with brown gloves and boots, and a rapier strapped to his hilt.


Coveton is a braggart, constantly praising himself for his exploits (which may or may not have happened). He is also quick to anger if he is called out on his boasting, or if someone calls him a coward. When things don't go his way, he will make excuses to make it sound like it was according to some grand plan he concocted, and always refers to his running away as "tactical retreats". Coveton also has a flair for the dramatic, often obsessing over things such as dramatic entrances and poses, and sometimes narrating his own actions, though more often than not, this leads to embarrassing moments for himself.


Like the other competitors, Coveton is able to summon Kyoujins using a cube given to him by the Greed Empire. He is a swordsman of questionable skill, using his trusty rapier. He is shown to have some skill, as seen during his first encounter with Cure Lucky, but the full extent of this ability remains to be seen. He is also quick on his feet, able to easily flee if he needs to. Unlike other villains, Coveton is unable to fly.


  • His name is derived from the word covet, which means to desire, and is a word closely related to greed.
  • The color of the symbol on his Kyoujin cube is red.
  • Coveton shares a voice actor with the Selfish King, the main antagonist from Doki Doki! Pretty Cure.
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