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Cosmic Harmony (コスミク ハーモニー?) is Cure Forever and Cure Eternal's second finisher that can only be performed when the two of them are together and when they have their weapons. It is first used in episode 11.


Cure Forever and Cure Eternal summon their weapons, the Forever Sword and the Eternal Wand. The crystals on their weapons begin to glow. Cure Forever opens up four portals situated at the top, bottom, and the sides of the target while Cure Eternal freezes the time of the enemy. Cure Forever passes through the portal at the top while Cure Eternal passes through the portal at the side. The two Cures receive a clone who come from the portal opposite from the portal that they (the original Cures) came from.

Every action of the real Cures is mirrored by the clones. As the two real Cures begin to charge energy, so do the clones. The Cures then begin with their incantation, finally sending off beams of pink and blue with their weapons, yelling "Cosmic Harmony!"

The collision of the four beams sends a great wave of energy against the enemy. Once the beams successfully pass through, a beautiful gold colored four-pointed star is formed, before exploding like a supernova.



Cure Forever: 永遠の剣!

Cure Eternal: エターナルワンド!

Cure Forever: スペース!

Cure Forever: と時間!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: 宇宙の宇宙エネルギーが私たちに力を与えるように!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: プリキュア コスミク ハーモニー!


Cure Forever: Eien no ken!

Cure Eternal: Etānaruwando!

Cure Forever: Supēsu!

Cure Forever: To jikan!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: Uchū no uchū enerugī ga watashitachi ni chikara o ataeru yō ni!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: Purikyua Kosumiku Haamonii!


Cure Forever: Forever Sword!

Cure Eternal: Eternal Wand!

Cure Forever: Space!

Cure Forever: and Time!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: May the cosmic energy of the universe grant us power!

Cure Forever and Cure Eternal: Pretty Cure Cosmic Harmony!


  • Cure Eternal's move of freezing time is called Chronos Freeze, but the name of the move is not mentioned at all even though she stops the time of the enemy.


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