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Corsair Pretty Cure!
Korusea Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorFujiwara Hibiki
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original Run2017
Opening SongAhoy There! Corsair Pretty Cure!
Ending SongOcean Pride
Series Info
PredecessorMahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!
Corsair Pretty Cure! (コルセアプリキュア! Korusea Purikyua!?) is Japanese, English magical girl anime series created by Fujiwara Hibiki. It is scheduled to premiere sometime in February, 2017 with the motifs of pirates and the ocean.


  • Corsair Pretty Cure! will most likely take place in two places, with 3 of the Cures living in a Japanese beach town, while the other 2 fight for the place that needs help being revived and protected by the enemy.
  • The place that needs to be revived and protected is a English speaking area, and only the Pretty Cure fighting there can speak both Japanese and English.
  • Corsair Pretty Cure! will consist of 5 Cures who will have the theme colors of pink, yellow, turquoise, green and lilac.
  • There will most likely be 49 episodes long.
  • The collectible items will consist of jewels known as the Precious Gemstones, or PreStones for short, that can give the Cures power ups.
  • Despite being sisters, Suzu and Umeka make their surnames different because they don't know much about siblings sharing the same surname. So instead, they tell others they are cousins so no one gets confused.
  • Nanami, Fumiko and Tomone never met each other before the series began. 
  • The voice actors of the Cures will sing "Ocean Pride", the first ending theme song.
  • For the All Stars movie, the Corsair Pretty Cure! meet only the Go! Princess Cures and the Mahou Tsukai! Cures due to the others being kidnapped by the villains of the movie.
    • The All Stars attack will be performed by those three teams and will be called "Majestic Rainbow Charge".


Pretty Cure

Akiba Nanami (秋葉ななみ Akiba Nanami?)/ Cure Pearl (キュアパール Kyua Pāru?) - Nanami is the unofficial leader of the group. Despite being intelligent, she is quite clumsy and awkward in social situations. She is the president of the swimming club and works at her family's Shaved Ice parlor on the beach. Her dream is to explore the ocean and be able to live life her own way. As Cure Pearl, her theme colors are pale pink and white and her weapon is the Pearl Rod.
Tsumagari Fumiko (津曲ふみこ Tsumagari Fumiko?)/ Cure Sailor (キュアセーラー Kyua Sērā?)
Koizumi Tomone (小泉ともね Koizumi Tomone?)/ Cure Bubbles (キュアバブルズ Kyua Baburuzu?)
Gushiken Suzu (具志堅 翠珠 Gushiken Suzu?)/ Cure Captain (キュアキャプテン Kyua Kyaputen?)
Okishima Umeka (沖島うめか Okishima Umeka?)/ Cure Pirate (キュアパイレート Kyua Pairēto?)


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