Comet Drive Pretty Cure!
Cometto Doraibu Purikyua!
General Information
DirectorCure Lucky
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Lucky
Original RunSeptember 17th, 2014
Opening SongComet Catch!
Ending SongSolar System Sensation! (ep. 1-24)

Ryusei o Tsukero! Planetary Negai (ep. 25-52)

Series Info
SuccessorMy Way Pretty Cure!

Comet Drive Pretty Cure! (コメットドライブプリキュア! Kometto Doraibu Purikyua!?) is one of the Pretty Cure fan series created by Cure Lucky and the first season to her Third Generation. This season will start airing on September 17th, 2014, and will be replaced by My Way Pretty Cure! in its initial timeslot. Its themes are Planets and Mythology.


Momomi Aiko was just an average 14 year old girl who lives in a bright, high-tech future and dreams about making an idol carreer. But now, although she is still living her daily life full of doing hobbies, boring school classes, talking and hanging around with her friends, going to public places, failing the exams, having fun, laughing, crying and etc., you can't say she is an ordinary middle-schooler, since every day of her life is also a fight against the powers of an invading evil came from the Mist System. So using the technically improved gifts of the comets, also known as powers of the planetary guardians, the protectors of the Solar System called legendary warriors Pretty Cure, Aiko and her fellows must win the day and save the whole universe!


Pretty Cure

Inner Class

Momomi Aiko (桃美 アイコ Momomi Aiko?)/ Cure Venus (キュア ビーナス Kyua Bīnasu?)
Voiced by:
Aiko is the leader of Inner Class and Yori's enemy. She is a cheerful, girly, happy-go-lucky and energetic 14-year-old who has an ambitious and stubborn attitude and aims to become an idol, along with fulfilling her dream of fighting evil as an invincible superheroine and protecting everyone. Though bossy and easily loses her patience, Aiko is a trustworthy leader and also a great friend with a huge heart. As Cure Venus, she is the Planetary Guardian of Love, and her theme color is pink.

Hisakata Aoi (久方 あおい Hisakata Aoi?)/ Cure Mercury (キュア マーキュリー Kyua Mākyurī?)
Voiced by: Nishihara Saori
Aoi is a bubbly and cheeky 14-year-old who has a short temper and somewhat of a rebellious image, due to acting as a spy or a phantom thief. Surprisingly, she appears to be smart and dodgy, though isn't good at studying at all, preferring to do things like working as a delivery girl, playing the violin and drawing. As Cure Mercury, she is the Planetary Guardian of Esprit, and her theme color is blue.

Hanazono Tsuchi (花園 土 Hanazono Tsuchi?)/ Cure Earth (キュアアース Kyua Āsu?)
Voiced by: Nazuka Kaori
Tsuchi is a flower and cute pet loving 13-year-old. Kind and very sweet, however takes things very seriously and is known for being very responsible. Despite her immature ongoings, she takes the "mother role" of the group, being caring to other members. She is good at housework, cooking and babysitting. As Cure Earth, she is the Planetary Guardian of Nature, and her theme color is green and also blue.

Sento Homura (戦闘 ほむら Sento Homura?)/ Cure Mars (キュアマルス Kyua Marusu?)
Voiced by: Maeda Konomi
Homura is a cool and passionate 15-year-old who excels in archery and is always annoyed by other students' curiosity, because almost everyone invades her privacy for an unknown reason. She often fights with Aoi, being as much short-tempered as her, though way more dangerous and frightening. As Cure Mars, she is the Planetary Guardian of War, and her theme color is red.

Naoru Cross (クロス なおる Kurosu Naoru?)/ Cure Nibiru (キュアニビル Kyua Nibiru?)
Voiced by: Uchida Aya
Naoru is a half-Japanese and half-American mysterious 14 year old transferred student who though being the Inner Class member, sometimes deals with Outer Class. She appears to be careless to others, but is actually a really gentle and polite person. Curiosly, her personality is a mix of all other Inner Class' Cures, though it is said her powers are more like Cure Jupiter's and Cure Saturn's. As Cure Nibiru, she is the Planetary Guardian of Balance, and her theme color is magenta.

Outer Class

Kaminari Yori (雷 ヨリ Kaminari Yori?)/ Cure Jupiter (キュアジュピター Kyua Jupitā?)
Voiced by: Seto Saori
Yori is the leader of Outer Class who is Aiko's enemy. She is a sporty and also wise 16-year-old who is respected by many students and excels in any sport, but is best in tennis. Taking her role as a leader and a Pretty Cure quite seriously, she always makes her best to earn the trust of others. As Cure Jupiter, she is the Planetary Guardian of Thunder, and her theme colors are green.

Shizuka Neru (静香 ねる Shizuka Neru?)/ Cure Saturn (キュアサターン Kyua Satān?)
Voiced by:
Neru is a quiet, phlegmatic and lazy 14-year-old who usually acts much sleepy and likes daydreaming. Though she seems to be quite a quitter, Neru can be really powerful when fighting as a Cure. As Cure Saturn, she is the Planetary Guardian of Death, and her theme color is purple.

Saekaze Fushidara (冴風 ふしだら Saekaze Fushidara?)/ Cure Uranus (キュアウラヌス Kyua Uranusu?)
Voiced by:
Fushidara (also called Fushirara (フシララ Fushirara?) by Aoi and Naoru) is an energetic and upbeat 15-year-old who is close friends with Melody and a fast runner, thus is in the running track team at school. As Cure Uranus, she is the Planetary Guardian of Sky, and her theme color is indigo.

Takanami Melody (高波 メロディー Takanami Merodī?)/ Cure Neptune (キュアネプチューン Kyua Nepuchūn?)
Voiced by: Sawashiro Miyuki
Melody is an elegant, arrogant 15-year-old, annoys both of Aoi and Homura and is close friends with Fushidara, who's good at playing piano and swimming. As Cure Neptune, she is the Planetary Guardian of Sea, and her theme color is teal.

Utoi Manabi (疎い まなび Utoi Manabi?)/ Cure Pluto (キュアプルートー Kyua Purūtō?)
Voiced by: Sanpei Yuko
Manabí is a smart and curious 12-year-old who is excellent at studying and, due to being the youngest, refers to other members with the suffix "-san". She likes making notes and learning various things from all of the other Cures and likes to follow them. As Cure Pluto, she is the Planetary Guardian of Underworld, and her theme color is grey.


Milky (ミルキー Mirukī?)
Voiced by: Hasegawa Shizuka
Milky is a bubbly and sweet cat-like robot created to help the Cures of Inner Class. She loves Tsuchi's cookies and lives with Aiko, but often gets yelled by her. According to Comet Gifts, she gains some special abilities.

Cosmo (コスモ Kosumo?)
Voiced by: Inoue Marina
Cosmo is a tiger-like robot created to help the Cures of Inner Class. He is rather more serious than Milky and often worries about Yori when she feels down or is unconfident about something. According to Comet Gifts, he gains some special abilities.


Nemesis (ネメシス Nemeshisu?)
Voiced by: Aizawa Mai
Nemesis is the main antagonist of the series. She is the ruler of the Mist System and wants to conquer the Solar System, so sends her minions to Earth, the planet of the Solar System she planed to attack first.

Luna (ルナ Runa?)
Voiced by: Hata Aki
Luna is the first villain to appear and a is witch. She is cool and boasty girl who can easily get angry, but is also clumsy and is said to be terrible at cooking. She uses sorcery and her Sutaretas are associated with moonlight.

Shuffle (シャッフル Shaffuru?)
Voiced by: Kouki Miyata
Shuffle is the second villain to appear and an eater. He is the laziest of the team, but also the smartest and is a master when it comes down to traps and tricks. He can turn into whatever or whoever he wants and his Sutaretas are associated with the stars.

Crash (クラッシュ Kurasshu?)
Voiced by: Kawahira Yoshihisa
Crash is the third villain to appear and a cosmo pirate. He is a strong and loud man who often teases Shuffle. He can cause hurricanes and his Sutaretas are associated with sunlight.

Sutareta (すたれた Sutareta?)
Voiced by: Hiyama Nobayuki
Sutaretas are the monsters created by Luna, Shuffle and Crash.


Comet Gifts (コメットギフト Kometto Gifuto?) are the sources of the mysterious planetary powers sent from the outer space to the Earth.

Cosmic System (コズミックシステム Kozumikku Shisutemu?) is the technically improved version of Comet Gifts, used by the Cures to gain the transformation devices and weapons and to perform attacks. It looks like a screen touch book.

Cosmic Sticks (コズミックスティック Kozumikku Sutikku?) are the pens used to transform along with using Cosmic System. Pretty Cures shout out "Pretty Cure! Cosmic System Access!" to transform.

Cure Surfers (キュアサーファーズ Kyua Sāfāzu?) are the surfboards used by the Cures to ride a comet.

Venus Mirror (ビーナスミラー Bīnasu Mirā?)

Mercury Lyre (マーキュリーリラ Mākyurī Rira?)

Earth Ring (アースリング Āsu Ringu?)

Mars Arrow (マルスアロー Marusu Arō?)

Nibiru Cross (ニビルクロス Nibiru Cross?)

Jupiter Staff (ジュピタースタッフ Jupitā Sutaffu?)

Saturn Scythe (サターンサイス Satān Saisu?)

Neptune Trident (ネプチューントライデント Nepuchūn Toraidento?)




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