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Cielo PreCure!
General Information
DirectorChinatsu Kiseki
Original Run19thJanuary 2061 - ??? 2062
Opening SongSoar and Dream! Cielo PreCure!
Ending SongChiisaki Mono
Series Info
Theme(s)The Sky
PredecessorSinging Miracles! Precure!
SuccessorSpiritual Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure!

Cielo PreCure! (シエロプリキュア! shieropurikyua!?) is the 44th fan series created by Chinatsu Kiseki. The series motifs are the sky and memories.


Tengoku Hane is a young 13-year old girl who has no memories of her past due to amnesia. However; one day, Hane meets two fairies: Cloud and Sky who are from the alternate world Serenity which has been invaded by Grim and his minions of evil. Suddenly; Crescent, one of Grim’s minions, catches the two fairies which catches the attention of Hane causing her to gain the Pretty Cure identity of Cure Feather, the Pretty Cure of Memories. Now together with her friends: Hoshino Kiseki/Cure Flight and Otohime Sora/Cure Eternal, they form the Cielo PreCure! team.


Pretty Cure

Tengoku Hane (天国羽 Tengoku hane?)/Cure Feather (キュアフェザー kyuafezā?)/Ultimate Celeste (アルティメットセレステ Arutimettoseresute?)
The lead cure of the season. Hane suffers from amnesia. Hane is very passionate about biology and dreams to become a biologist. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Feather, the Pretty Cure of Memories whose theme colour is orchid purple. She is the reincarnation of the ancient Ultimate Celeste.

Hoshino Tsubasa (星野翼 Hoshino Tsubasa?)/Cure Ala (キュアアラ Kyuaara?)
A girl from Serenity. Tsubasa is very energetic and can often be a klutz but excels in languages such as English and French. Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Ala, the Pretty Cure of Hope whose theme colour is sky blue.

Otohime Sora (乙姫そら Otohime sora?) /Cure Eternal (キュアエターナル Kyuaetānaru?)
Sora is the most graceful and elegant girl in the school, being the captain of the gymnastic, netball and swim team. As well as elegant, she is also very beautiful and is nicknamed "The Belle of the School" (学校のベル Gakkō no beru?). Her Pretty Cure alter ego is Cure Eternal, the Pretty Cure of Purity whose theme colour is green.

Cure Aria (キュアアリア Kyuaaria?)
A mysterious cure who always appears to help the other three along with Cure Estrella. She is the Pretty Cure of Music and her theme colour is pink.

Cure Estrella (キュアエストレラ Kyuaesutorera?)
A mysterious cure who always appears to help the other three along with Cure Aria. She is the Pretty Cure of Starlight and her theme colour is gold/yellow.


Cloud (クラウド Kuraudo?)
The main mascot of the season. Cloud is sweet and is never spiteful.

Sky (スカイ Sukai?)
The secondary fairy of the season. He can be quite stubborn.


Grim (グリム Gurimu?)
The main antagonist of the season. Grim has a heart of pure, black evil and a soul of darkness.

Crescent (クレッセント Kuressento?)
The first to attack the Pretty Cure. Although she has a heart of pure, black evil like Grim, she wishes for a friend.</br>

Supporting Characters





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