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Ciel Lumiere
Personal Information
Hair ColorPale Purple
Eye ColorLavender
Home PlaceNiji'hikari
Theme ColorPale Purple
Miracles of the Sky
Anime Information
SeasonArc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure
First AppearanceAeCLPC13 (mentioned)
AeCLPC32 (main appearance)
AeCLPC47 (rebirth)
SeiyuuToyoguchi Megumi

Ciel Lumiere (シエルルミエール?) is one of the major characters of Arc-en-Ciel Lumiere Pretty Cure as the legendary yet deceased warrior of Niji'hikari. Ciel Lumiere protected Niji’hikari from Black・Eclipse 3000 years ago by sealing him away (resulting in her dying but being reborn one thousand years later) until the next millennia, where both she and the evil being would awaken again, Ciel Lumiere’s spirit being in a different body. Her theme colour is pale purple/lavender.

When the Cures accidentally travelled 3000 years ago in episode 32, it is learnt that her actual name is Sorano Hikari (空野ひかり?).




As heard through the ancient texts of Niji'hikari, Ciel Lumiere was known to be a friendly and kind yet strong and fierce girl with a slightly timid nature. She was additionally known to be intelligent, a little energetic and known to have a cold personality if a person hurt someone close to her but was also prone to her emotions and cried very easily.


Introduction Phrase

"The Sky’s Miraculous Shining Rainbow! Ciel Lumiere!"
スカイの奇跡の輝く虹! シエルルミエール!
Sukai no kiseki no kagayaku niji! Shierurumiēru!


Ciel Lumiere controlled the power of light and rainbows while representing the miracles of the sky. In episode 32, it is revealed that Hikari transformed using the phrase "Sky Miracle, Take Flight!" and that her main purification attack was Miracle Sky Injection.




Ciel and Lumiere are both French for "sky" and "light" respectively making her name mean "sky light", "light of the sky" or "sky of light".

Sorano (空野?) means "sky field" with (sora?) meaning "sky" and (no?) meaning "field". Additionally, if "" was switched with the hiragana "", Sorano would mean "sky of".

Hikari (ひかり?) is a Japanese feminine given name meaning "light".

Therefore, her name means "light of the sky field".



  • She is seen to be the direct counterpart of the main antagonist Black・Eclipse.



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