Cho (チョ Cho) is Hinode's mascot and love interest of Chi. He is voiced by Daisuke Ono!

Cho as a human
Personal Information
AgeLooks 15-16 in human form
Birthday DateJuly 3
Hair ColorBlue
Eye ColorBlue (human form) Black (mascot form)
Home PlaceKawaii World
Anime Information


Cho has blue skin, and sunglasses on his head. Most of the time his eyes are half-closed, except his first appearance. He wears a tuxedo and is never seen without his rose.


Cho is known to be the gentle ladies man in Kawaii World. He's also brave, and refuses to give up. He never says a harsh word.

With Chi

Whenever around Chi, Chi would blush and try to talk to Cho. But more often than not Chi is blushing and stammering. Her words are sped up.

Character Mini Album

BlueAsahi Pretty Cure Character Mini Album 4: Cho Sweetener


  • Cho can get along with pretty much any woman.
  • He even made a human woman blush.
  • Cho dislikes raisins, like Hinode.
  • Cho is the second mascot to wear clothes, like Chi.
  • In episode 4, it was revealed that he could turn into a human.
  • Also in episode 4, it was revealed that he is scared of roller coasters.


Mascot Chi laying on Cho's lap
Cho in Hinode's bedroom
Cho as a human
Chi and Cho about to hold hands.
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