Cheerful ☆ Pretty Cure is about 4 girls who use the power of cheers to bring happiness to the world.The theme is about cheers and happiness.

Cheerful ☆ Pretty Cure
Youkai na ☆ Purikuya
General Information
DirectorPretty Cure Lover 4567
StudioToei Animation
NetworkPretty TV
Original RunMay 18,2010-June 24,2010
Opening SongYay!Cheerful ☆Pretty Cure!
Ending SongCheerful Melodies

Oh My ☆ Stars!

Series Info
Theme(s)Cheers, Happiness
PredecessorSmile Pretty Cure
SuccessorMelody Treats Pretty Cure


Once there was a world called Cheerful City.It was filled with cheer and was ruled by the Queen of Cheer.It was very calm until the Darkness King came and took over Cheerful City.To protect everybody,the Queen of Cheer used the last of her powers to protect it for now.After that,her life form disappeared from Cheerful City and went to Earth.To get her back,Catty,the queen's faithful pixie,went to Earth to find her and find the legendary Pretty Cure to destroy the Darkness King.


Riido "Eriza"Erizabesu-Erizabesu(Aka Eriza)is the leader of the Pretty Cure and attends to a high school called Victory High.She loves to have fun and is okay at school.She is a cheerleader and is very girly.However,she is kind and supportive.Her alter ego is Cure Cheer and represents the Pretty Cure of Happiness.Her theme color is pink.

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