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Checkmate! Pretty Cure
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チェックメイト ! プリキュア
Chekkumeito! Purikyua
General Information
DirectorShirabe Tsudzuri
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunTBA
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Checkmate! Pretty Cure (チェックメイト ! プリキュア Chekkumeito! Purikyua) is a Japanese magical girl anime produced by Toei Animation, and the third series in the franchise directed and written by Shirabe Tsudzuri. The series' main motifs are chess, royalty and, to a very small extent, gemstones and card suits. Some recurring themes in the series are responsibility/growing up, beauty, the deconstruction of hierarchy and individuals versus society.


Checkmate! Pretty Cure Episodes



Miyazaki Nene/Cure Queen (キュア クィーン Kyua Ku~īn)

Voiced by Saori Hayami (JPN)

"The white queen of hearts, with a soul full of love! Cure Queen!"
Kokoro no shiroi joō, ai no tamashī! Kyua Ku~īn!

Narisawa Chigusa/Cure Pawn (キュア ポーン Kyua Pōn)

Voiced by Kaori Mizuhashi (JPN)

"The white pawn of spades, with a soul full of loyalty! Cure Pawn!"
スペードの 白いポーン、忠誠の魂!キュア ポーン!
Supēdo no shiroi pōn, chūsei no tamashī! Kyua Pōn!

Ono Haruru/Cure Bishop (キュア ビショップ Kyua Bishoppu)

Voiced by Sumire Morohoshi (JPN)

"The white bishop of diamonds, with a soul full of sympathy! Cure Bishop!"
ダイヤモンドの白い司教、同情の魂!キュア ビショップ!
Daiyamondo no shiroi shikyō, dōjō no tamashī! Kyua Bishoppu!

Tsunoi Hisoka/Cure Rook (キュア ルーク Kyua Rūku)

Voiced by Kokoro Kikuchi (JPN)

"The white rook of clubs, with a soul full of fury! Cure Rook!"
ルークの白いクラブ、怒りの魂!キュア ルーク!
Kurabu no shiroi rūku, ikari no tamashī! Kyua Rūku!

Yamane Yume/Cure Knight (キュア ナイト Kyua Naito)

Voiced by Risa Taneda (JPN)

"The white knight of stars, with a soul full of justice! Cure Knight!"
星の白い騎士、正義の魂!キュア ナイト!
Hoshi no shiroi kishi, seigi no tamashī! Kyua Naito!


Celissy (チェーリシ Chērishi)

Vincens (ヴィンセン Vu~insen)

Voiced by Yuko Sanpei (JPN)

Pascale (パスカル Pasukaru)

Ninon (ニノン Ninon)

Esme (エスメ Esume)

Villains (Sombre Empire)

Belshazzar (ベルシャザル Berushazaru)

The leader of the Sombre Empire. He has the role of the Black King.

Vedetta (デッタ Bedetta)

Voiced by Kenichi Suzumura (JPN)

Belshazzar's retainer and most trusted ally. He has the role of the Black Rook.

Sophia (ソフィア Sofia)

Voiced by Atsuko Tanaka (JPN)

The third of the Sombre Empire's commanders to appear. She has the role of the Black Bishop.

Algar (アルガー Arugā)

Voiced by Minoru Shiraishi (JPN)

The second of the Sombre Empire's commanders to appear. He has the role of the Black Knight.

Huck (ハック Hakku)

Voiced by Kana Hanazawa (JPN)

The first of the Sombre Empire's commanders to appear, and by far the weakest. She has the role of the Black Pawn.

Detroner (デトロネ Detorone)

This season's monster of the week.

Supporting Characters


Queen of Royaland





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