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Pokémon Dark-Matter
General Information
GroupWicked Galactica
Anime Information
SeasonStarry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure
First AppearanceStCLPC01 (silhouetted)

Chaos (チャオス?) the main antagonist of Starry Cosmic Love Pretty Cure. One thousand years ago, Chaos was sealed away by the Past Pretty Cures by performing the Grand Seal.







Grand Seal

One thousand years ago, Chaos and the Wicked Galactica were conquerors of galaxies. They have invaded and successfully put a large number of galaxies under their control. Because of Chaos' desire for more negative energy, Chaos attacked the Cosmic Galaxy, home of the Pretty Cures. According to the Past Cure Eternal in episode 1, Chaos almost succeeded in making the Cosmic Galaxy theirs, but the Pretty Cures prevailed and were able to perform the move Grand Seal against Chaos.

As a result, Chaos was sealed away, restoring peace to the Cosmic Galaxy and the other galaxies that they have invaded. For almost one thousand years, peace has been kept in the Universe.

End of the Grand Seal

According to the Past Pretty Cures in episode 1, the current Pretty Cures have only two months left before Chaos is fully freed from the Grand Seal. Since the members of the Wicked Galactica have reappeared, it is only safe to say that Chaos is slowly pouring energy to its servants once more.





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