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Changing Girls Pretty Cure!
チェインジング ガールズ プリキュア!
Cheinjingu Gāruzu Purikyua!
General Information
StudioToei Animation
NetworkTV Asahi
Original RunJune 7, 2014 - June 20, 2015
Episodes55 Episodes
Series Info
SuccessorOver the Rainbow Pretty Cure!

Changing Girls Pretty Cure! (チェインジング ガールズ プリキュア! Cheinjingu Gāruzu Purikyua!?) is a fanseries created by User:CureKanade. It starts airing on June 7, 2014 and ends on June 20, 2015 with a total of 55 Episodes. The series motifs are rainbows, change and magic.

There is to be about 11 - 15 Cures.


Changing Girls Pretty Cure! Episodes

The twelve jewels of change have been scattered by an unknown spell and now Stripe and Press must find the twelve Pretty Cure of magic and change so the twelve jewels of change can be found. But first, the twelve girls and the two mascots must fight Black Demon who plan on using the jewels to destroy everything on our planet!


Pretty Cure

Inoue Mafuyu (井上まふゆ Inoue Mafuyu?) / Cure Destiny (キュア デスティニー Kyua Desutinī?) - Mafuyu is the leader of the team who is very bad at public speaking and gets embarrassed easily. She is very optimistic and believes her fate will be awesome and full of love. Her alter ego is Cure Destiny, her theme colour is pink and her powers are based of magic.
Aichi Riyoka (愛知りよか Aichi Riyoka?) / Cure Fancy (キュア ファンシー Kyua Fanshī?) - Riyoka is the second Cure to be born and is the student council president of Yoshikawa Public Middle School. She can be very cheerful but is usually really serious when being the president. Her alter ego is Cure Fancy, her theme colour is red and her powers are based of love.
Takashita Umeka (高下うめか Takashita Umeka?) / Cure Friendship (キュア フレンドシップ Kyua Furendoshippu?) - Umeka is known as the most friendly girl you would ever meet in Yoshikawa. She is kind and gentle and very patient, always there to hear you out. She never gets angry which scares people sometimes. Her alter ego is Cure Friendship, her theme colour is yellow and her powers are based of fire.
Abe Fumika (阿部ふみか Abe Fumika?) / Cure Feather (キュア フェザー Kyua Fezā?): Fumika is a shy, quiet girl who is often seen keeping her distance from large crowds. She is very weak when it comes to sports but is very good with her studies. She is soft spoken and is often ignored because of how quiet she is. Her alter ego is Cure Feather, her theme colour is white and her powers are based of wind.
Nakamura Midori (中村みどり Nakamura Midori?) / Cure Fern (キュア ファーン Kyua Fān?): Midori is a energetic, sporty girl who loves nature. She adores wandering around in the forest and feels that if it cut down, her life will be uncomplete. She is not so good with her grades but is aiming to fix them up. Her alter ego is Cure Fern, her theme colour is green and her powers are based of the Earth.
Kobayashi Sarina (小林さりな Kobayashi Sarina?) / Cure Charming (キュア チャーミング Kyua Chāmingu?)
Mori Egao (森えがお Mori Egao?) / Cure Joy (キュア ジョイ Kyua Joi?)
Kimura Iwa (木村いわ Kimura Iwa?) / Cure Harmony (キュア ハーモニー Kyua Hāmonī?)
Shimizu Oki (清水おき Shimizu Oki?) / Cure Sea (キュア シー Kyua Shī?)
Aragaki Nikki (新垣にっき Aragaki Nikki?) / Cure Sporty (キュア スポーティー Kyua Supōtī?)
Fujikage Kashiya (富士影かしや Fujikage Kashiya?) / Cure Shadow (キュア シャドー Kyua Shadō?)
Kimiko Tomiju (公子とみじゅ Kimiko Tomiju?) / Cure Icy (キュア アイシー Kyua Aishī?)