Changeling! Pretty Cure
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Changeling! Pretty Cure is the second season in the PreCure Eternal Stars continuity.


  • Azusa Matsubara: Azusa is a cold girl who pushes everyone away. She’s the focus of rumors at her school, as many of her peers consider her to be a sociopath or criminal. She transforms into "The holy light of happiness! Cure Sparkle!".
  • Cure Blaze: TBA
  • Cure Celeb: TBA
  • Cure Nature: TBA
  • Cure Blizzard: TBA


  • Cure Reaper: Cure Reaper, also known as the Angel of Death, is a Pretty Cure who seeks naught but to get stronger. She does this by having her minions collect the flames of life from innocent people, whom she believes to have strong souls.
  • Yūta: A mysterious boy who serves as one of Reaper’s five collectors. He is an animal turned into human, in his case a wolf.
  • Julia: A woman with a penchant for gambling.
  • Celeste: A student at the Cures’ school.
  • Alejandro: Reaper’s butler.
  • Amelia: A little girl.
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